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We are the manufacturers of the best quality Electric Heating Blankets, Bed Warmers and other related products, based in the heart of India – Delhi. Our team’s hard work ensures maximum comfort for our clients in freezing winters. We try to satisfy new needs of our customers constantly by bringing about changes and innovations to our product and the market. We are the first producers of electric bedding to be situated in the capital of India and this furnishes us with the best conceivable skills amassed over a long time of our working.

We are the introducers of the new age digital control Automatic Electric Blankets that ensure that the users can actually decide how comfortable they want to be at night! Check out the rest of our website to know more about electric bedding, its uses, and its benefits and much more. Once you start using our products, the urge to give in to a night of a deep slumber will be irresistible. Take the step towards a sound sleep in winters!

All our products are developed using extensive information about customer preferences, both domestic and international. All our products match the guidelines provided on the famous website http://www.electricblanketinstitute.com/ that helps people learn more about electric bedding and make the best decision about their needs.

Feel free to contact us website and we will get in touch with you at the earliest. Look through the Products page and decide which product will satisfy your needs the best. Browse through our Help page for more information about electric bedding. Happy sleeping!