FAQs Regarding Electric Bedding

Q: Who Should NOT Use Electric Blankets or Mattress Pads?

 ANS: Just as with any electrical appliance, things do occasionally go wrong with electric bedding. For example, a control may not work properly, a blanket may become bunched up which might cause an overheated condition or a heater wire might break. Therefore, it is foolish to allow infants or small children to use these products. Likewise for the same reasons, anyone who is helpless, paralyzed, insensitive to heat or incapable of understanding the control’s operation should never be allowed to use these appliances. Some elderly people with one or more of these conditions sometimes insist on having their electric blanket. Be strong and refuse them. Show “tough love” or you may regret it.

Q: Is It Safe to Use an Electric Blanket during Pregnancy?

 ANS:Medical websites differ about the use of electric bedding during pregnancy. Some say: “Absolutely no problem”. Some say: “Never use”. Many say: “Ask your doctor”. We always tell people that in the absence of conclusive proof about EMF’s and to avoid possible overheating of the fetus, it’s better to err on the side of caution and forgo the heated bedding for nine months. Of course, during your pregnancy, you could still use automatic bedding products to pre-warm those icy sheets and then turn it off prior to getting into bed.

Q: Can I Use an Electric Blanket with my Artificial Pacemaker?

 ANS:Numerous well-known associations, hospitals and doctors advise that electric blankets have not been shown to damage pacemakers or interfere with their functions. Although we personally have never heard of any pacemaker problems due to electric bedding, we always recommend that the individual should check with his or her doctor AND the manufacturer of the pacemaker.

Q: Why Can’t Diabetics Use Electric Blankets?

 ANS:You frequently see warnings that people with diabetes should not use electric blankets or pads. The reason for this goes back to the warning about insensitivity to heat. Diabetics often lose some feeling in their legs or arms and could sustain a burn if they cannot feel that a blanket or pad has become too warm. Of course, if the diabetic wishes only to pre-warm the bedding and then turn off the electric blanket or electric mattress pad when getting into bed, this restriction would not apply.

Q: My Electric Blanket Does Not Feel Warm. What Should I do?

ANS: The blanket, if spread out, may not feel warm just when it is touched due to the heat escaping in the open air. To test if it is working properly the Fold Test may be conducted as follows:
1. Fold the product 3-4 times
2. Connect the blanket/pad to an electric outlet and turn it on
3. Switch the controller to the highest temperature and wait for 3-4 minutes
4. Put your hand between the folds of the blanket and feel if it grows hot
5. If you feel the blanket is still cold, contact us.
CAUTION: Do not conduct this test for more than 10 minutes as it will damage the product