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The Digital control is designed to notify you in case there is some problem with your heating product. The controller notifies you by displaying “Er” on the display. In such a case, follow the following steps:

  1. Check the blanket is well connected with the controller
  2. Switch off/on the power supply again
  3. Check that the system is well connected to the plug socket in the wall.
  4. If the problem persists, contact the seller (information is given at the end of this card)

If you do not see power LED after switching on, try switching the controller on ON/OFF twice. If the controller still does not work contact the se






  1. The heated area of any warming bedding should always lie flat. That is, it should never be bunched up, folded or balled up (e.g. between the mattress and the footboard) such that the heat generated in the middle of that ball has no place to escape.
  2. There should be nothing between the user's body and the heated bedding except a thin bed-sheet.
  3. Turn off the bedding appliance when not in use.
  4. Do not use two electric blankets together for one person.
  5. Do not tug at the wires or use the cord as a handle.
  6. Do not use warming bedding alone with infants or very small children, people with disabilities, anyone who is immobile or cannot operate the controls properly, anyone insensitive to heat or anyone who cannot understand these directions.
  7. Do not allow pets to be around your warming bedding. A sharp claw or a tooth may puncture the wire insulation or damage the wiring itself.
  8. Do not use pins, nails around warming bedding. They can puncture the heater wire insulation.
  9. Never run the control cords between the mattress and the box springs. The cord could become damaged by friction or the heat from the electricity in the cord could be trapped there with no place to escape.
  10. Wrapping the cord around the controls may damage the cord. Loop loosely when storing.
  11. Never iron your electric blanket. Ironing may damage the heating wire insulation.
  12. Never dry clean or use cleaning fluid on your product. Dry cleaning agents contain solvents which may damage the heater wire insulation.
  13. Do not use an electric blanket on a waterbed.
  14. If you observe your electric blanket operating unusually or improperly (e.g. seems too hot in one area or you see a scorch mark) contact the manufacturer.
  15. Do not use with damaged cords.
  16. Keep the control away from drafty areas that may become damp or wet such as an open window.
  17. Be sure this blanket/mattress pad is used on 200-230 VAC supply.
  18. Do not reconnect the heated product or use it until it is COMPLETELY dry.
  19. Do not use another electronic heating device in conjunction with your heated product or else both of them may get damaged.
  20. Do not use controller cable as a handle of the blanket.


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