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Drum Heater Jacket (barrel heating pad)


The customisable drum heater can be used by any industry employing any size of a drum, whether metallic or plastic or wooden. The jacket covers the drum or barrel on all sides and gradually heats it up to a desired temperature (customisable by the user) and melts the contents in the drums. The drum heater jacket is used by all leading glucose manufacturers to get the maximum out of their operations, heating the drum to melt glucose and other liquids even in the harshest of temperatures. The price mentioned on the page is for a pad of size 34 inch x 78 inch, designed specifically for a standard 210 litre HDPE barrel. We can also manufacture pads of any size as may be required by a client on order. All pads made by us have a 6 month warranty against all manufacturing defects.


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Product Description

  • Low power consumption
  • Large heating area
  • Easily adjustable temperature controller
  • Durable and long lasting
  • High power pad to ensure maximum performance
  • Covers the entire drum to maximise heating
  • Prevents loss of heat using its special insulation technology
  • Quick attach and release straps
  • 3 straps to ensure a perfect fit over the drum to increase efficiency

Used for:

  • Viscosity control as of liquid glucose, sugar, fats, gases from cylinders and much more
  • Freeze protection.
  • Reducing viscosity of glucose,Wax, Surfactants
  • Temperature maintenance
  • Melting of solids
  • Thermal mixing

Additional Information

Dimensions 76 x 33 x 1 cm


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