Self Regulatory Heat Trace Cable

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A heat trace cable is useful for avoiding freezing (freeze-protection) of liquids and gases inside pipelines and ensure smooth flow of the fluid inside the network. You can avoid choking of the pipelines due to decreased viscosity of the fluid by incorporating a simple mechanism in your network and forget about the cold season.

The Self-Regulating Feature is being introduced for the first time in India. This technology ensures safe and long-term functioning of the heating system, that too in a cost-effective manner! The feature doesn’t allow the heating cable to waste its energy in heating beyond the required temperature and helps maintain the best suited heat level.

The same technology that was only available at hotels is now also brought to your doorstep! Heat Trace Cables can also be used at your own home and office to heat the floor in harsh, cold winters giving you a relaxed time like some you have never had before. Enjoy the warmth, comfort and peace that you deserve at your own place.


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Self regulate Heat Trace Cables are available in a variety of different sizes, ranging from 10 mt. to 20 mt.

A uinque product power saver as temperature rises.

.The product uses Canadian technology  to ensure that the entire network is heated uniformly, with power savor. This ensures that no on tank or the pipeline gets overheated  the power consumption slowly go down or

under-heated and helps you attain the desired temperature at high speed.

The self regulating feature increases the power on its own as the temperatures fall and reduce the output as the temperatures rise to give you the right amount of heat at the most optimum level of power consumption without any human intervention. Just install these cables and forget about having to regulate them as they will do your job for you. These automatic heating cables have emerged as the most widely recognized type of electric cable heating technology in the world today.

This system is perfect for all kinds of pipes, tanks and floor heating systems for all domestic and industrial purposes, such as freeze protection of pipework and vessels; process temperature maintenance; heating of roads, ramps, walkways, etc; roof and gutter heating and under floor heating.

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Dimensions 90 cm


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