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Settings Of Controller Automatic Blankets


Timer - The user can set the time after which the blanket will switch off just like in an AC. The user can set the time in the range of 60 minutes to 480 minutes at a span of 60 minutes.
Temperature Setting - The user can set the desired temperature digitally in the range of 24 degree C to 60 degree C temperature just like operating an AC.
Automatic feature-
The automatic feature is designed to conserve the energy as the blanket turns off automatically as it reaches the set temperature and begins heating again as the temperature falls. This feature also enables the blanket to shut down at the completion of the set time duration.
MEMORY PROGRAMMING – If due to power failure or due to some other causes, the blanket loses power during use, the blanket will save its last settings and will resume its heating operations as set by the user before the power went off as if there were no interruptions!

The Digital control is designed to notify you in case there is some problem with your heating product. The controller notifies you by displaying β€œEr” on the display. In such a case, follow the following steps:

  1. Check the blanket is well connected with the controller
  2. Switch off/on the power supply again
  3. Check that the system is well connected to the plug socket in the wall.
  4. If the problem persists, contact the seller (information is given at the end of this card)

If you do not see power LED after switching on, try switching the controller on ON/OFF twice. If the controller still does not work contact the seller.