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Hot And Cold Gel Pack

F&V Power Juicer

Freezer Cold and boiling Water/ Microwavable hot Therapy Size 125 mm x 260 mm Box contain --- Gel Pack and cover with strip for insert pack on use for therapy
For external use only Check the gel pack before not se any metal object with this pack Do not open or cut  this pack for any reason. Do not use on broken skin, , irritated skin, or mucous skin. Do not use in case of circulatory problems unless directed by physician. For use by children of age 12 years and above only use adult supervision Avoid exposure to direct sunlight.
Construction of this Gel Pack is  a first pocket containing a gel, a middle laminate being positioned above the first pocket and including a top layer of insulative material,
a second pocket being provided with a dead air space as additional insulation above the insulative material, and a top laminate being positioned above the second pocket.
The bottom, middle and top laminates each have outer peripheral edges that are bonded together by a radio frequency (RF) heat-sealing step.
Price Rs 456.00 incl GST